I sometimes wonder why it’s so hard to see the truth about certain things. Of course, it’s easier for me to wonder this about other people: why do they not see that they’re wrong? It’s so obvious! But I know I struggle with the same, even if it’s visibility is diminished by, well, personal bias.  I […]

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Small Changes

I’ve been making some changes in my everyday life recently — restarting old good habits, creating new ones altogether. It’s hard.  And this is just your friendly reminder to be gentle with yourself and start small. I know you want to be crazy healthy, and I want you to be healthy, too. But changing everything […]

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A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to speak at my original eighth grade’s HIGH SCHOOL graduation. Which I’m still coming to terms with, but I guess it’s okay. It was wonderful to see them.  I talked about change. They had asked me to share how I’ve seen them grow and change, but I […]

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An Impossible Target

My dad recently told me a story. He was just down South for a work trip and ended up at a shooting range with a few colleagues. He met and began talking to a world-renowned marksman; I’ll call him Jason. Jason pulled out his personal rifle and asked my dad if he’d like to try […]

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The Humility to Change Your Mind

Maybe it’s because my confidence is increasing as I get older, but I tend to have rather strong opinions. Actually, I feel like I mainly just express them strongly. I reach for superlatives and colorfully big words to try to make the other person see what I’m saying. Sometimes I stretch too far. My tone can be […]

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The Impact of Trying

If you’re a regular around here, you already know that I’m a perfectionist (recovering!). I once sat on the floor at Whole Foods for 45 minutes comparing the protein content, calorie content, and prices of every kind of vegan protein powder. (Settled on this one, if you’re curious. Also it’s $20 cheaper on Amazon. Sigh, […]

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The Lesson of Maasai Gate

My dad and youngest brother visited David and me recently. One day, on our way to a blown glass place (it was beautiful!), we took a short cut through the national park. The one with animals. I love Nairobi. David’s dad was driving (so glad I wasn’t), and we maneuvered several pathways that required more […]

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Where’s Your Focus?

The disciples fascinate me. For the first time, I’ve read straight through from Matthew to John and they are intriguing characters when seen in one fell swoop.  One thing that stuck out to me was how many times Jesus explicitly told them that He was going to (a) die and (b) rise again. Seriously. So many […]

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The Most Refreshing Plane Ride Ever

I recently had to take a last minute international flight and I was stressed. I’d be without my husband and, although I’d flown dozens of times without him before we got married, I had really gotten used to his comforting presence amidst the stresses of travel. I was facing down my first 15-hour-straight flight and […]

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