How to Manage Darker Days

A question I’m often asked: “Do you have anxiety like every day?”

Yes and no.

Yes, I have anxiety every day, because, well…I have anxiety. Every day. It doesn’t go away, really, any more than asthma goes away day-to-day. There are things that bring it up some days that don’t even happen on others. Continue reading “How to Manage Darker Days”

Why I’m on Facebook but Ignoring Your Texts: Anxious Confessions

I think MLee and I were mutually pleasantly surprised by how much we have in common; verily, we still are. She’s kindly joined me in today’s post, bringing much insight, honesty, and MLee-ness.

C: Glory of glories, I got a job! A big girl job, too, complete with a salary contract, healthcare, and retirement saving percentages (whatever that means, right?). (M: YES! So proud.) Continue reading “Why I’m on Facebook but Ignoring Your Texts: Anxious Confessions”

Exceptional Loneliness

For the last four years, my education has been online. Taking online college courses has allowed me to accelerate completion, spend months abroad for service, and schedule work without issue. I learn through reading and writing, and that’s what online education is. It works remarkably well for me.

However, there is one major drawback. Continue reading “Exceptional Loneliness”

What We Learned From Hiking a Mountain

Someone had the great idea to celebrate being together for a year and a half by doing a strenuous hike. The perpetrator rhymes with rah royfriend.

No, no, it was actually a great time. 11.72 miles, 26,000+ steps, 6,000+ calories burned, and way too little water, we are still happily together and super sore (stats brought to you by my Fitbit Blaze. Not an ad. I just love this lil gadget).

The view, though.  Continue reading “What We Learned From Hiking a Mountain”

Interview | The Boyfriend

Many of you have asked, and I was planning on saving this for later…but…

I met this man when I wasn’t interested in anything more than traveling the world, running service projects, and teaching English. Our deep friendship blindsided me–but no more than our deepening friendship did. He has shown me oceans of God’s love–gently, consistently, and fiercely.

Meet David: the boyfriend.  Continue reading “Interview | The Boyfriend”

3 Ways Media Lies About (Romantic) Relationships

Most people know the media lies about basically everything. Bear with me, Mr. Literal—I know it tells truth sometimes, but we’re going with generally.

There are some lies that we talk about more than others: e.g. ridiculously unrealistic beauty standards, perfectly witty comebacks, and flawless brow lines (seriously, how?).

But there are a few lies that have taken me time to realize I actually believed them, let alone stop believing them. I hope this article saves you some trouble. Also, please prayerfully consider before stoning me (smiles innocently).  Continue reading “3 Ways Media Lies About (Romantic) Relationships”

Why You Should Date Your Best Friend

The boyfriend and I have been together well over a year and, not to sound mushy but, it has only gotten better. I adore him.

Let’s be clear though: we have noticeably left the honeymoon stage (hello intense frustration and why-can’t-you-just-read-my-mind). We are an intercultural, interracial, and long distance couple, so there’s plenty of differences going on to make it interesting! (more on that later…)

Two things have kept us together through the harder parts of the journey: Continue reading “Why You Should Date Your Best Friend”