Why I’m on Facebook but Ignoring Your Texts: Anxious Confessions

I think MLee and I were mutually pleasantly surprised by how much we have in common; verily, we still are. She’s kindly joined me in today’s post, bringing much insight, honesty, and MLee-ness.

C: Glory of glories, I got a job! A big girl job, too, complete with a salary contract, healthcare, and retirement saving percentages (whatever that means, right?). (M: YES! So proud.) Continue reading “Why I’m on Facebook but Ignoring Your Texts: Anxious Confessions”

Exceptional Loneliness

For the last four years, my education has been online. Taking online college courses has allowed me to accelerate completion, spend months abroad for service, and schedule work without issue. I learn through reading and writing, and that’s what online education is. It works remarkably well for me.

However, there is one major drawback. Continue reading “Exceptional Loneliness”