Why You Should Keep Trying Even When You Already Failed I

Can I skip the whole start-with-a-great-sentence-thing and just tell you what’s on my mind?

I feel like I’ve failed at writing.


I started this blog, bursting at the seams with ideas and creativity and longing for articulated lessons and ideas to bless others. But now, not even 10 months later, weeks go by where the only connection I have with this space is the peripheral guilt of oh yeah, I need to do that, too..  Continue reading “Why You Should Keep Trying Even When You Already Failed I”

Cherished Plans: But God, I Want This

By my junior year of high school, I had my life planned. By age 25, I would be a nurse. I would have 2-3 children, homeschool them, and be an amazing pastor’s wife.

Years have passed. I’m now neck-deep in graduate school, striving to be an English teacher, and in a serious relationship with a businessman.  Continue reading “Cherished Plans: But God, I Want This”