Why You Should Keep Trying Even When You Already Failed II

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Last week I shared how I’ve been feeling like a failure of a writer. This is the conclusion of the three truths I want to be engrained in my mind.  Continue reading “Why You Should Keep Trying Even When You Already Failed II”

Exceptional Loneliness

For the last four years, my education has been online. Taking online college courses has allowed me to accelerate completion, spend months abroad for service, and schedule work without issue. I learn through reading and writing, and that’s what online education is. It works remarkably well for me.

However, there is one major drawback. Continue reading “Exceptional Loneliness”

A Difficult Focus: Better Thoughts

The other day, I slipped from beneath my covers to greet my Lord on my knees. Other thoughts intruded the sacred space, and I couldn’t focus. I said “Dear Heavenly Father” approximately 15 times until I started getting frustrated. Other scenes, words, and troubles crowded my mind. But they weren’t mine. What’s going on, Jesus? Continue reading “A Difficult Focus: Better Thoughts”

Childlike Faith (Feat. My Favorite Little One)

I caught up with a friend over our favorite meal, and we shared the last few months of our lives. Both of us are working, one starting a degree while another finishing, and our families are doing fine. In passing, she mentioned a deep shadow in her experience that was beginning to lift. I asked her the cause of the shadow. She paused. “I think I just don’t have enough faith.” Continue reading “Childlike Faith (Feat. My Favorite Little One)”

Do Not Take to Heart

Teaching is hard. One difficulty is balancing likability and professionalism. True, they are both very possible. But possibility does not equate ease.

My school has a no electronics rule. As a teacher, I enforce this rule. One afternoon, I saw a student using a phone and I asked him for it. He said I was being unfair, that I should give him a chance, that I was mean. He refused for eight minutes. We took a trip to the principal’s office, and he was allowed to keep his phone. On our walk back upstairs, he turned to me, “Ms. Callie, can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

“Why are you so cruel?” Continue reading “Do Not Take to Heart”

Cherished Plans: But God, I Want This

By my junior year of high school, I had my life planned. By age 25, I would be a nurse. I would have 2-3 children, homeschool them, and be an amazing pastor’s wife.

Years have passed. I’m now neck-deep in graduate school, striving to be an English teacher, and in a serious relationship with a businessman.  Continue reading “Cherished Plans: But God, I Want This”

3 Things I Wish I’d Known as a Younger Christian

Dear 17-and-a-half-year-old Callie,

I hope this finds you well (this is how you start all of your letters nowadays). I’m proud of you for making hard decisions to follow Jesus when it’s weird to do so genuinely. Yes, the irony of Christian schooling is mind-boggling. Praise God He has reached through so many positive influences to bring you to this point! You’re enjoying Matthew, aren’t you? Yea, I’m studying John now. You’ve studied a lot over the years, but you still love the gospels.

You have a lot ahead of you, but I want you to know three things. I won’t ruin all of the surprises, but here are three to better shape your mental framework.  Continue reading “3 Things I Wish I’d Known as a Younger Christian”

God Can’t Forgive Me (Yet): When You Just Sinned

It was a very cold night in A2, which is common for Michigan. I was walking in long strides past Angel Hall, trying to get to the van before I was assigned push-ups (it’s a long story…). I was about to pass two college students when one spoke:

“Are you celebrating [religious holiday] this year?” the girl asked, as I focused my attention on their next words.

“Nah,” said her companion, his discomfort apparent. “I can’t this time around…” Continue reading “God Can’t Forgive Me (Yet): When You Just Sinned”

When You Feel Overwhelmed (+ Helpful, Practical Advice)

The past thirteen days have been rough. My Spring Break trip to Michigan was chill, inspiring, and rejuvenating–but I always have a hard time getting back into my routines. It’s like my mind forgets what “structure” means.

And with the long lists in my bullet journal, I desperately need structure to get it done. During family worship, my dad’s routine prayer for me is, “and help Callie with her school and…all the other things she has going on.” It’s definitely the most succinct way of putting it.  Continue reading “When You Feel Overwhelmed (+ Helpful, Practical Advice)”