Let’s Collaborate!


Guest Posts

I love to collaborate with others! Send me an email with your idea for a guest post, and let’s explore the possibility.

I’d be happy to write a guest post for you. Contact me to discuss!

Kinds of Guest Posts

Devotional / Biblical devotional thoughts that are Christ-centered, practical, and uplifting

Relationships / Reflections, advice, or meaningful experiences that enhance relationships of any kind

Anxiety / Reflections, advice, or meaningful experiences that encourage those with colloquial and/or clinical anxiety


Word Count / 300-700 words (exceptions are rare, but I can be persuaded!)

Condition / Please submit your final draft. I’m not into heavy editing.

Editing / As an English teacher, I reserve the right to edit your submission. If I alter anything beyond basic grammar, puncuation, and syntax, I will run the final piece by you.

Info / Please include a brief bio (less than 75 words), a headshot, and a link back to your blog or social media.

Publish / If your article works well with Worried Sapling, I will notify you of when it will be published!

Contact Me to Apply!


No affiliate links/sponsored posts. No pitches for oils, shakes, etc. Must be original content not published elsewhere unless re-written/re-worked. You may (and are encouraged to) link back to your blog/personal site or social media.