About Callie

I’m Callie. It’s not short for anything, but yes, it is like California. No, I don’t live there 🙂


Worried Sapling is my rambling of character-carving lessons. It started as a focus on anxiety–both colloquial and clinical–because, as a Christian, I just really needed some better resources. Now it has grown into a place where I just write what I’m learning: healthy relationships, Biblical lessons gleaned from the Word, and reflections on life.

This space exists to bless the worried heart, to reflect on the amazing and the not so much, and to remind us that we’re all saplings in need of the living water and the Son. As my life changes, so does my focus in writing–but also not really…you’ll notice the Thread throughout it all.

Oh, and me? I spent the last seven years teaching, and now I’m transitioning into web development (I know, I KNOW, it’s quite the different career!). I’m also a newlywed to the love of my life and recently moved to Kenya. Did I mention those three things happened about the same time? I do big changes in batches apparently.

I’m a poster child introvert, though my loud mouth deceives. I’m a classic HSP, although I’m unlearning how to hide it. Reading library books is my favorite learning & a solid workout my favorite relaxation. Touching the fire to know it’s hot is my speciality, and I love the gentle hands of Jesus that bind up wounds with blood-stained grace.

Thanks for coming through! Let’s be pals? Always love to hear from anyone about anything 🙂 You can reach me at worriedsapling(at)gmail(dot)com.