I'm Callie. It's not short for anything, but yes, it is like California. Welcome, friend! 

Worried Sapling is my rambling of character-carving lessons. I have anxiety--both colloquial and clinical--and, as a Christian, I've found better solutions than the misinformed hybrid of "get over it" and "just pray." Through my struggles, I've also grappled with what healthy relationships look like and how we can all have them. I've found that the Biblical gospel in Jesus Christ has enough room for all the answers and healing that every soul needs. This space exists to bless the worried heart, to encourage healthy relationships, and to remind us that we're all saplings in need of the living water and the Son. 
Won't you join me in learning to rest in Jesus? 

Oh, and me? I'm a twenty-something East Coast gal, learning to teach and finishing a master's degree. I'm a poster child introvert, though my loud mouth deceives people. Reading is my favorite learning, and cooking is my favorite relaxation. Touching the fire to know it's hot is my speciality, and I love the gentle hands of Jesus that bind up wounds with blood-stained grace.

Thanks for coming through! Let's be pals?