I sometimes wonder why it’s so hard to see the truth about certain things.

Of course, it’s easier for me to wonder this about other people: why do they not see that they’re wrong? It’s so obvious! But I know I struggle with the same, even if it’s visibility is diminished by, well, personal bias. 

I figured out at least one reason: a lot of distortions come from a hyper-fixation on a truth.

That sounds good though, right? Shouldn’t we want to focus on the truth? But a hyper-fixation excludes some truths for a truth. And excluding truth is never a good idea. 

Legalism comes from a hyper-fixation on the judgement and standards of God. God is the Judge and He does have standards.

Cheap grace comes from a hyper-fixation on God’s grace. God does have grace and it is lavish and abundant. 

Washing your hands, eating healthy food, exercising regularly — all can become disorders with enough hyper-fixation (OCD/anxiety, orthorexia, etc.).

This is why it’s harder to see the error — what we’re saying is true! God has standards! God has grace! It’s good to wash your hands! It’s good to eat healthy food! It’s good to exercise! How could that be bad?

I love details and I love focus, but the older I get, the more I realize how essential balance, context, and the whole truth is to living life well.

I invite you to ask God to show you your heart — do you hyper-fixate on something? How can He bring you into the freedom of the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

Photo by Olia Bondarenko on Unsplash