Small Changes

I’ve been making some changes in my everyday life recently — restarting old good habits, creating new ones altogether. It’s hard. 

And this is just your friendly reminder to be gentle with yourself and start small. I know you want to be crazy healthy, and I want you to be healthy, too. But changing everything this week isn’t going to serve you well in the long run. 

I know you want to commune with Jesus in a meaningful way, but forcing yourself to sit there for 2 hours because that number sounds long may just create resentment instead of closeness. It’s not going to foster the intimacy you seek.

Having open communication with your person is so incredibly vital, but beating them over the head with the things you haven’t dealt with yourself isn’t doing anyone any favors. 

Start small. Move your body 3-4x this week in a way you enjoy. 

Start small. Set aside 30 minutes to read and pray sometime today or tomorrow. 

Start small. Gently share your heart without expecting them to immediately do the same. 

I like to do things perfectly, immediately, and 100%-ly. But it’s best for our long term success (and long term health in all the ways) if we start small, and do so gradually. 

Photo by Miłosz Klinowski on Unsplash