The Humility to Change Your Mind

Maybe it’s because my confidence is increasing as I get older, but I tend to have rather strong opinions. Actually, I feel like I mainly just express them strongly. I reach for superlatives and colorfully big words to try to make the other person see what I’m saying. Sometimes I stretch too far. My tone can be a bit much, too.

The problem with digging a deep hole is that it’s really hard to get out of. Once I’ve emphatically explained my opinion and why I, of course, am right, it can be really hard to make a U-turn. Or even a right turn. Just a change. 

But changing your mind is a part of growth. I’ve changed my mind on countless arguably important topics — and I’m so grateful that I have! But sometimes it’s been harder than others. One of the main reasons it can be hard is simple: pride.

I don’t like to look…weak? Incorrect? Unintelligent? Unspiritual? UnBiblical? Yeah, any of those. So sometimes, I realize something is wrong or actually right, and I hold back on volunteering the information with the people I talked to about it. I don’t like to backtrack, I tell ya. 

But I’ve been praying lately for the humility to do it. The tone of voice to say things with conviction but without being too intense. The willingness to concede to people who could talk to me nicer, but they’re still right. The humility to change my mind in front of other people, and follow the truth instead of my pride. 

Praying for humility is a dangerous business, but not praying for it holds greater peril still. 

Photo by Holly Mandarich on Unsplash