The Impossible

I am not a musical person. I took piano lessons…five? times. I really wish I’d stuck with it, but here we are.

I am also not a musical person in that I can quite literally go a full month (probably more) without intentionally listening to any music. That freaks out some of my friends, but it’s just how I am. I rarely keep a music subscription for long because I never feel like I listen to it often enough to deserve the $10+/month.

I think one of the reasons I’m not into music is because I used to be into so much music that messed with me in a bad way. Lyrics I wish I could forget mostly. Or just…music that didn’t make me feel good. Made me feel sad, angry, or just…tumultuous. I brag that I have never cried in a movie (except for one…”Amish Grace,” ach the forgiveness scene, I couldn’t handle it), but music makes me cry. Easily. Surprisingly. Constantly. I could name 5 songs right now that make me cry no matter what. (No, I will not list them so that you can play them around me, thanks!) So I think one of the reasons I subconsciously avoid music is because it affects me so deeply (HSP thing?), and I’ve mostly had a negative experience. The other main reason, though, is just that I’ve learned to get along without it.

I annoy my mother and my husband by never listening to an entire song. I generally make it through the first chorus, and then I’ll turn to them, hand on the knob, and ask “Is it okay if I go to the next song?”

Photo by Sebastian Pociecha on Unsplash

I say all of this to give gravity to the fact that I found an entire album that I listen to on repeat, all the way through. When I was first introduced to it (thank you, beloved Walters!), I listened to the full album about three times a day. I can listen to the first song a solid six times before being coaxed to go to the next.

It’s so…worshipful. Calming. Encouraging. Settling. Peaceful. Christ-focused. Scriptural-saturated. Beautiful. I just.

It’s a collection of songs I listen to when I’m anxious, sad, depressed, happy, or excited. But I especially appreciate it them when I’m feeling exceptionally anxious and having a hard time praying or articulating what’s going on. 

I say all that to share with you this collection of 13 songs in the hope that you will be blessed. Whether it’s your style or not, give it a listen. Album: Psalms Live [emphasis on LIVE], Artist: Shane & Shane.

Be blessed.