The New Year Post

At the onset, I feel like I should admit a few things: I don’t really celebrate New Year’s in the “new me” way. I spend time with family, sure, but I don’t do any of the fitness goal setting, this year’s word choosing, or Bible reading plan selecting. I’ve tried it all, and it’s not for me. I find it kinda silly, to be honest.

That is as far as I got in my draft. Then this morning, as I rode an exercise bike and re-listened to this message about vision (which I recommend — honestly I recommend any sermon by Pastor Todd), I became convicted to pray for a focus for this coming year. Thus, I’m now praying about a word. Who am I.

There’s a lot on the horizon this year: finishing a software engineering program, starting and basically completing the next program (which I would argue is near PhD level), moving continents (again!), many writing projects. And if this year has taught me anything, it’s that you have no idea what a new year can bring. 

I’m trying to not conjure up a word that nicely packages all the things that I can see. That’s not the point. A vision and a focus worth pursuing is God given, God led, and God supplied. 

There’s not a neat little lesson from this musing except this: be open to God rerouting you, even in the way He reroutes you. Maybe He wants to guide you in a new way; and maybe He wants to do it in the New Year. 

Photo by Emily Wade on Unsplash