Devotional Thoughts

The past three months have been busy, and the past two weeks (somehow) even busier. Two weddings, moving to a different continent, transitioning into being a wife…

Amidst this, I’ve been unlearning the idea that an (required) hour a day (in Bible study, prayer) keeps the devil away. That is, I either have a set amount of time with God a day, or I suffer the lack thereof all day because I missed my chance!

I’m the last person to discourage devotional time; but unfortunately I’ve been first in line to self-condemn when I missed it due to exhaustion or hosting or busyness. The habit of time alone with God is a must, but I’m learning that doesn’t mean that if we miss it we have to feel without all day.

My brother recently Socrates-style corrected me by asking why I thought God’s presence was dependent on that time. Did I have a Bible verse to support my self condemnation? On the contrary, only 1 John 3:20 came to mind: “For if our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and knows all things.”

When I took a moment to exhale this past Sabbath, I didn’t go through the normal self hatred and confusion and “repentance” before actually worshipping. I just worshipped. I communed with my Friend. I prayed. I read the Bible. I dedicated my day and then went about my day with Jesus. And it was a glorious day.

So I’ll still seek to take uninterrupted daily time to worship. But I’ll also remember that I can commune with my God through silent prayer, stealing moments of scripture meditation, and living a life that is empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Let’s remember that just because we feel bad about something… Doesn’t always mean we should. Our God is a God of freedom and so much kindness and generosity.