In Which I Respond to All of My Emails

What kind of email person are you? i.e. do you have 100s/1000s of unread emails or like 27?

I’m firmly in the second category but with a twist: I have (marked as) unread emails from April 2018. Or at least I did until an hour ago.

Now, this might not seem like a big deal to most people but oh-my-days that was so hard. All of those emails were marked as unread because they presented a problem: either too much time, too much feeling, or too much thinking. And yet, I just responded to all of those in-limbo emails in less than an hour and a half, so why the wait?

There are many different reasons people procrastinate. But for me, it comes down to avoiding being affected. Oh, how I hate feeling things so deeply.

I figured that what seemed intimidating and overwhelming would, with time, eventually become not so. Give me time to not be affected by it. Spoiler alert: the opposite happened.

Delaying a problem does not solve the problem. It makes it worse.

There is a reason you and I ignore things. Setting up parameters to help us do the thing are good and well, but we’ll never truly improve until we address the root of the problem. What are you avoiding? Truly? What activities do you avoid and why? Sure, it could be simple laziness, but then again, why? Why laziness? Fear of failure? Fear of success? Overwhelmed by possibilities?

Think through it. Study yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Ask God for clarity. He knows all the things and can help you do all the things. Now go do it!

An open computer showing Gmail